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Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Insurance Related

Will Medicare cover the cost of the Geo Cruiser?

No. This product is not a medical device, but instead a mobility aid. As a result, it has not been coded for Medicare.

Will my private insurance pay the Geo Cruiser?

You will have to contact your insurance carrier to find out if they will reimburse you for the purchase of a mobility transportaion aid. We have been told that some people have been fully or partially reimbursed for their purchase. 

Are the GEO Cruiser models "Cleared" by the FDA for safety?

Yes. all modela have been cleared by the FDA for safety. They have been awarded a 510K Pre Market Approval status. 

FDA Compliance

Are the Geo Cruiser DX and Elite EX "Cleared' by the FDA for safety?

Yes. All models have received 510K Pre-Market Approval. All manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs are required to have a 510K PMA. Don't be mislead by companies claiming that their products are not medical devices and just mobility aids not requiring this clearance. You can contact the FDA and ask them if a particular competing product is required to have clearance. 

Ordering/Product Contents

What is included with the product?

Each product ships with the following: 


1. (2) lithium battery with the Geo Cruiser.DX and EX model  

2. A joystick controller 

3. A power supply charger (110/220) 

4. A User Manual

5. A Quick Start Guide

6. A Mini tool set for maintenance


How long will it take to receive the product after I order?

We will ship the same day if ordered before 12PM Pacific Standard Time. Actual transit time will be up to five business days depending on the state that you live in. An example would be 1-2 days to California, 4 days to Illinois, and five business days to New York or Florida.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. We ship Internationally using Federal Express Economy Air Service. We have special rates. An example would be shipping to certain parts of Europe for as little as $400.00. 

Air Travel Questions

Can the Geo Cruiser be taken on a commercial airplane?

The Geo Cruiser and the Geo Cruiser Elite both meet FAA and DOT regulations for safe air travel. However, you will need to have two documents for air travel. They are:


1. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet 

2. UN38.3 Test Report 


We can provide these two documents via email. We strongly recommend that you contact the airline before traveling to check for any changes in their travel policy, and to provide documentation prior to air travel. This will make for a smooth flight. 

Do I have to remove the batteries from the device prior to boarding?

This is at the disctetion of the airlines. Most customers report that they did not have to remove the batteries. 

What is the voltage and amps of the batteries?

Geo Cruiser Standard - 1 X 24V 10Ah


Geo Cruiser Elite - 2 X 24V 6Ah

How much do the batteries weigh?

Geo Cruiser Standard - 4lbs 


Geo Cruiser Elite - 3lbs (There are two batteries for of a total weight of 6lbs. 


How much weight will the Geo Cruiser DX and Elite EX models support?

The Geo Cruiser DX will support up to 265 lbs., while the Geo Cruiser Elite EX model will support up to 330 lbs. 

How easy is it to fold and unfold the Geo Cruiser DX and Geo Cruiser Elite EX models?

Very easy. In fact, they can both be folded or unfolded in a matter of seconds. 

Can I use the Geo Cruiser DX and Geo Cruiser Elite EX indoors and well as outdoors?

Yes. The Geo Cruiser DX and the Geo Cruiser Elite EX are both indoor/outdoor personal mobility devices. 

What kind of seat covers are used?

The seat and backrest covers are made of durable synthetic nylon material. Both covers are washable and can easily be replaced. We also use a comfort-rest cushion on both covers. 

Does the Geo Cruiser DX and Elite EX models have a Free-Wheel function?

Yes. Both come with Free-wheel and can be pushed when needed. 

What kind of motor does the Geo Cruiser DX and Geo Cruiser Elite EX models use?

All Geo Cruiser models use advanced "Brushless" motors. The Geo Cruiser DX has two 180 watt motors, and the Elite EX has two 180 watt motors.  

Using the Geo Cruiser

Can I go up ramps or slopes with the Geo Cruiser models?

Yes. You can go up a 12 degrees ramp or slope. 

Does the Geo Cruiser models require assembly?

Both models come fully assembled. All you need to do is decide if you want to connect the joystick controller to the right or left armrest. The process to install it takes around 3 minutes. Then you just unfold the unit, place the seat covers in position, and you're ready to go. 

Can the Geo Cruiser models fit in my car?

The Geo Cruiser DX and the Elite EX model were deigned to easily be transported in most vehicles. 


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