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Airline Travel Information


All Geo Cruiser models meet the Domestic and International guidelines for safe air travel. The key is understanding the travel guidelines so you can avoid any problems along the way. We arwe going to provide the following infortmation for your guidence.


  • A link to the official guidlines 

  • A link to each airline and thier informastion page for traveling with a mobility aid with lithium-ion batteries 

  • A link to down the required travel documents 

  • Travel advice to avoid any unforseen problems 



To avoid any issues when traveling, it is important to make sure you have a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the UN38.3 Test Report for the lithium-ion batteries that are used for your Geo Cruiser. You can download a copy of these documents at the following link: 


We always recommend that you contact the airline to let tghem know you will be traveling with a portable electric mobility aid (Geo Cruiser) that contains lithium-ion batteries that meet the Departtment of TRansportantion and FAA guidelines, and that youi have the approprate documents. You can also ask if you can email them to the right department to insure prior clearance has been noted for all your flights. You should also take copies of these documents with you in the event they are requested. 


We have provided a list of airlines below that allow you to take wheeled mobility products onboard. Just click the the name of the airline and you will be taken to a website page listingh thier policies for transporting a mobility device that contains a lithium-ion battery.  

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